Gardening – June 2017 – Issue 264


Slugs & Snails By Deirdre Prince

We share this planet with seven billion people but just how many insects do we share our garden with? And how can you tell the good guys from the bad guys?

Bugs are everywhere in our garden. There is no getting away from it, no matter how squeamish you are about creepy crawlies. If you lift any pot in your garden, there is an entire colony of woodlouse or slugs lurking underneath. Like them or loath them, there are some we could do without but there are many that are beneficial to our garden, such as the pretty ladybird. And then there’s the humble bee, which our lives depend upon for pollination of our food. However, if I am being truthful, there are some garden visitors I could live without and they are the gastropods, more commonly known as slugs and snails.

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