Gardening – June 2016 – Issue 252


Creating Your Garden Style By Deirdre Prince

Designing the look of your house can extend to the garden and developing a style in your garden can be just as rewarding. Just like interiors and individuals have different styles, gardens too can have different styles. With just a few key elements specific to a particular style, your garden will look designed and will feel more harmonious explains Deirdre Prince.

Formal Gardens
If formal gardens are your thing, then there are a few rules which apply. Symmetry and order are essential to this style and most importantly, simplicity. The geometry of the paving and the beds needs to be set out precisely in order to get the feel of a formal garden, so it’s important to measure and plan out the spaces carefully before digging any beds. Repetition of plants in clipped and manicured shapes are also an important element for this style. While this type of this garden is normally found in larger mansions and stately homes, there is no reason why it cant be adapted to a smaller, urban space.

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