Gardening – July 2022 – Issue 323


Catch The Wave

This month gardening expert Conrad McCormick focuses on the challenges and opportunities of coastal gardening.

Many of us will make a beeline for the coast over the next few months, lured by stunning scenery, sandy beaches and some rest and relaxation. Those who only visit during benign summer conditions may forget how tough year-round coastal living can be for those who’ve chosen to make it their home. A glance at the trees, often stunted, gnarled and twisted as they grow away from the prevailing winds give a clue that only the toughest will survive here. After the tourists have left and autumn wears on ferocious storms roll in battering the land regularly. Strong, gale-force winds and salty air are the enemies of plants. The salt desiccates soft foliage giving a brown, burnt look while wind causes breakages of stems and trunks, or in some cases even tearing plants from the ground!

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