Gardening – January 2017 – Issue 259


Textures in the Garden By Deirdre Prince

Colour is obviously one of the most important features of a garden’s planting scheme, in addition to plant shape, but the texture of plants can increase the enjoyment of a garden, particularly for people with vision impairments. All gardeners will reach out to touch a plant’s leaves and specimens with textured leaves or stems encouraging a more tactile experience, bringing the enjoyment of your garden to a whole new level.

There are many textures in garden plants and each one contrasts the other, whether it’s a large, bold leaf of a Hosta or the small, delicate leaf of a Buxus (Box hedge).

Fine-textured plants have smaller leaves or flowers. They are normally light and airy and appear to float above lower planting. They can make smaller spaces feel bigger and create a relaxed and undemanding effect to a planted bed.

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