Gardening – February 2024 – Issue 342


Sky’s The Limit

Elevate Your Houseplant Game with Tillandsias

This issue our gardening expert Conrad McCormick talks to us about caring for Tillandsia airplants.

Like most houseplants I used to grow, I’d eventually kill my airplants. After being seduced by their otherworldly, slightly alien looks, I’d make my purchase then take the unsuspecting and unfortunate Tillandsia home, in doing so sentenced them to a slow and lingering death, some were luckier and expired relative swiftly. The misery I was inflicting was simply down to me not fully understanding their requirements. Despite the common name of ‘air plant’, they do require regular watering, unable to survive on the parched, centrally heated air of our homes alone, they also needed much more light than I was giving them.

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