Gardening – December 2022 – Issue 328


Going Potty

As Conrad McCormick discusses this month, containers are a great way to switch things up as the seasons change and also help create a welcoming addition to the exterior of your home.

Now the darker evenings are here and the cold and wet weather has well and truly arrived, the last thing on my mind is spending much time in the garden, but as we hurriedly rush to the front door fumbling for our keys in the chill, it’s still nice to be greeted by a splash of colour and greenery. Bright flowers, vivid berries, evergreen foliage and colourful stems can all be combined to great effect, and a selection of pots clustered together will provide a visual welcome to winter visitors. With the right plants you can create a high-impact but low-maintenance scheme, that will lift the spirits as you approach your home even on the darkest of days.

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