Gardening – December 2018 – Issue 282


Showstopper flowers!

Every now and again, a much loved planting scheme in a garden can become a bit tired and jaded.


Maybe the planting needs to be rejuvenated, maybe there are some gaps in the flowering season. Sometimes all that is required is a punchy burst of colour and vitality to breathe new life into a planting scheme. There are some flowers or showstoppers, which pack an abundance of excitement and can be captivating, whether by their bright colours or dramatic shapes or habits. Selecting a few of the following show stopper plants will ensure that there will always be drama in your garden.

Deirdre’s Favourite ShowStopper Plants:

Dahlia ‘Fantastic’ (Fig.7) Fantastic Dahlia

Dahlias are the biggest, most flamboyant and fanciest flowers which bloom in late summer. I particularly love the yellow-pink colours of Dahlia Fantastic. Its almost screaming for attention. Dahlias tubers love to be planted in rich soils, to a depth of about 15cm in May or June but they need to be lifted and stored during the winter months.

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