Gardening – August 2016 – Issue 254


Preparing Pots & Pampering Plants By Deirdre Prince

Deirdre Prince gets creative as she discusses container gardening.

Plants will grow in anything from pots to buckets, so long as there are drainage holes and the containers can hold sufficient growing medium. It’s a great time to get creative and any container will do, such as rubbish bins, plastic sacks and wooden trays.

What container to use?

The answer to this question is that any container will do so long as it has drainage holes. There are lots of terracotta and plastic pots available in garden centres but I think the quirkier the pot, the better. I’ve seen old boots used to plant strawberries and even old car tyres for planting courgettes but my favourite is to recycle old galvanised water tanks, which I have salvaged from skips. I think they make great trough planters.

Growing mix

The quality of your growing media in any container is very important as it is providing all the nutrients for your plants.

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