Gardening – April 2024 – Issue 344


Water World

This issue our gardening expert Conrad McCormick discusses incorporating a pond in your outdoor space.

Water gardening adds a touch of tranquillity to any outdoor space. Whether you have a large garden, a more compact backyard or even a small patio, incorporating a pond into your garden can add vibrancy and life. A well-designed pond can be a focal point in your garden, offering a visually stunning feature that complements the surrounding landscape. The reflective surface of the water can enhance the beauty of your plants and create a harmonious atmosphere. Don’t just position your pond right at the back of the garden or in a corner. A pond can become one of the main attractions in a garden, so place it somewhere it can be seen and admired. Place it where it will receive sunlight for a good proportion of the day, that will help ensure you can grow the widest range of water plants. Also, if you have the space, make it bigger than you think you’ll need. Initially it will appear enormous, looking like a small asteroid has left an impact crater in your garden, but the larger it is, the easier it will be to keep in balance naturally, the scars of construction will quickly heal and by the time plants are established it will look much smaller. Think carefully about the edging, the liner should not be visible above the water level, firstly it will stick out like a sore thumb and also, the UV rays in sunlight can damage many pond liners, weakening them and making leaks more likely over time. Pond edges can be tucked away under soil, stones or paving, and ideally covered with plenty of planting.

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