Gardening – April 2019 – Issue 286


Pretty In Pink

Istarted to write my monthly garden article while listening to The Psychedelic Furs song, Pretty in Pink, and it got me thinking of all the pretty pink flowers which bloom in the garden.

There’s almost every shade of pink to be found, whether it’s the deep cerise hue of Echinacea or the pale pastel tint of Digitalis, almost every taste can be satisfied by a pink bloom or two or three!

According to BournCreative blogger, Jennifer Bourn, she writes that the delicate colour pink signifies sweetness, playfulness, romance, femininity and tenderness, associated with sweet, little girls and cotton candy. I could not have picked better words to describe exactly how pink flowers in the garden make me feel.

Bourn also writes that the phrase ‘in the pink’ means healthy, which is exactly how any planting scheme, sprinkled with pink flowers is a recipe for a healthy garden.

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