Fort Lauderdale – September 2018 – Issue 279


Elegant Upgrade

Gary and Bonnie, trustees of Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum and friends of Audrey, wife of IHIL publisher, invite us into their stunning Rio Vista home which has been beautifully designed with entertaining family and guests in mind.

Not all retirees downsize. Sometimes when their lifestyles change, they want more space instead of less. That was the case for Gary and Bonnie, a retired couple who commissioned Interior Designer Eloise Kubli, to decorate their newly constructed home in Rio Vista, Fort Lauderdale. They had been living in a townhouse, but now they wanted a larger home for grandchildren to visit, as well as a décor elegant enough for frequent entertaining.

They learned that the property next door to the home where Bonnie grew up was for sale, so they decided to buy it, tear down the existing structure and build a brand new, two storey home with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. ‘Bonnie loves colour, and she wanted a lot of it in their new home,’ says Eloise. ‘She also loves stripes and circles, so I incorporated many of these elements into the design.’

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