Flooring – November 2022 – Issue 327


The Warmth Of Wood

Wooden flooring can enhance your home, making it a more welcoming space. Nowadays, there’s an overwhelming amount of choice including alternatives such as wood effect tiles, vinyl and laminate, in a range of different styles, patterns and colours.

If you’re worried about hardwood floors being cold on the feet, don’t be; they’re actually better than carpet for keeping your home warm. Hardwood floors help heat move through your home. The bottom line is that wood is a conductor, and carpet is an insulator. Carpets stop heat from moving, but wood absorbs heat and allows it to circulate. People have a wrong perception that carpet holds onto the heat when it only reduces the energy flow in your home. This means that your heating has to work much harder to push heat through the carpets and warm up your whole house. On the other hand, hardwood improves your home’s heat circulation and allows heat to pass through it.

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