Flooring – April 2019 – Issue 286


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The right flooring can completely transform the feeling and look of a room. Each room in the home also serves different functions, and as such may require different demands of the floor within that space. Here we walk through some of the main rooms in the home and take a look at some options.

Living Room

Living rooms demand something smart underfoot and the options for flooring in this room are wide. Carpets are still the most popular choice but natural floor coverings made from plant fibres have become increasingly popular. Wood floors are equally appealing especially if the living room is part of an open plan kitchen/living room. Keeping the floor clean and how often you’ll need to do it also needs to be factored in.

Carpet for a living room should be hard wearing. An 80 per cent wool, 20 per cent manmade fibre version will stand up to the everyday foot traffic and stay looking good. Natural flooring suitable for a living room includes hard-wearing sisal, which can add subtle detail through interesting weaves such as bouclé and herringbone. Rustic seagrass and robust coir are a good choice for heavy traffic but can be sore under foot.

Options for hard flooring in your living room are vinyl or laminate which can simulate natural materials without the same cost, while solid and engineered wood and natural stone are enduringly beautiful. If you favour hard flooring for aesthetic or practical reasons remember your living room can be softened by a rug at the heart of a seating area or a selection of rugs spread over a larger space.

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