Fireplaces and Stoves – February 2018 – Issue 272


You’re Fired

A fireplace or stove makes a spectacular focal point in interior design and is a great asset to any household for adding warmth, atmosphere and value to a home.

Wood burning stoves:

Home heating fit for the future Geoff Royle, Technical Director, The Stove Yard

When you choose an Ecodesign Ready stove you can be confident that you are doing your bit for air quality. Independent tests show stoves that meet the EU’s tough new Ecodesign emissions requirements will reduce particulate emissions by 90 per cent, compared to an open fire, and between 80 to 84 per cent when compared to an old stove.

Both Defra, the government body responsible for UK air quality, and the Mayor of London, who has expressed concerns about burning wood in the city, have recently gone on record to support the introduction of Ecodesign stoves. So, as far as such issues signalling the demise of our much-loved wood burners, it would seem that Ecodesign compliant stoves, such as the entry-level Graphite Five or the state-of-the-art Fondis inset stove (left) from The Stove Yard, can actually become part of the solution to poor air, thus ensuring that stoves remain an environmentally sound heating option as well as a wonderful focal point in your home, whatever the interior style.

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