Fireplaces – February 2019 – Issue 284


No Smoke Without Fire

Your choice of fire and surround or stove needs to complement your overall décor as well as bringing a warm, inviting atmosphere to your home.


Expert advice: Dave Saunders, Special Projects Engineer, Stovax.

Can I have a stove if I do not have a chimney?

If you don’t have a chimney, you may be able to install a pre-fabricated one that works in the same way as a normal chimney would. There are options for you to have one that either runs internally or externally to your property, allowing you to enjoy a stove or fire in your home. Your retailer will be able to advise which type is best for your installation. Alternatively, many gas models are available as balanced flue versions. A balanced flue gas fire or stove does not need a chimney, and instead requires a twin-wall pipe to vent directly to an outside wall. Air for combustion is drawn in through the outer pipe whilst the inner pipe removes the combustion gases to the exterior of the property. If solid fuel or gas appliances are not an option, an electric product is suitable for homes without a chimney, simply plugging into a standard mains socket to function.

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