Favourite Room – January 2024 – Issue 341


My Favourite Room

Interior designer Caroline Fernandes shares which room in her Co. Kildare home is her favourite and why.

Our entertainment room is my favourite for a few reasons. It was one of the last to be completed and I was so glad we waited so we could put some thought into it and how we wanted to use it. We purposely located this room upstairs, away from the rest of the living spaces within our home which makes it special. When we come in here we leave the day and our devices behind us! It’s a real sanctuary, a place to disconnect and unwind. I also love the fact that it is multifunctional; it can be used to watch a movie, entertain guests before/after dinner or simply sit and read with a coffee. Our guests are always surprised by our hidden gem. Although it is primarily used as an evening space it can also be used during the day if needed as an additional work space with its spacious table and comfortable chairs. We all lead such busy lives that it is important that everyone has at least one special place they can retreat to to recharge and unwind, even if it’s just a cosy corner with a comfortable chair and throw.

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