Dublin Home – November 2023 – Issue 339


Nordic Simplicity With Edwardian Finesse

Situated in Dublin, this aged Edwardian dwelling has been wonderfully revitalised. The outcome is a striking blend of clean lines, dramatic colour splashes, and distinctive features, resulting in a charming family home.

The homeowner, with an eye for contemporary aesthetics and a penchant for Nordic Minimalism, worked with interior designer AlenaCDesign to craft a harmonious blend of styles that speaks taste and individualism. The home renovation project was driven by a vibrant mix of design preferences. While the homeowner harboured a fondness for the clean lines and airy atmospheres of Nordic Minimalism, her husband cherished the allure of old-world architectural details – the kind that whispered of elegance and tradition. The result? A beautifully orchestrated harmony that merged their distinct styles seamlessly.

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