Dublin Home – July 2024 – Issue 347


Peak Perfection

Perched in Stepaside, Dublin, this stunning Alpine-style property has unparalleled views of Dublin Bay and Dun Laoghaire, seamless indoor-outdoor living, and striking architecture. Recently listed, we catch up with homeowner Albert to learn more.

Albert and his family have lived in this spectacular property named Carthys Green for over 30 years and today he prepares to bid farewell to what has been more than just a home—it’s been a sanctuary of memories, a gateway to a outdoor living and the host of many memorable parties. He purchased the property back in the early 90s when it was still its original structure, that of a well-known orphanage. ‘The property was an original cottage, and formerly an orphanage that went back 100 years, to the times when babies were left on the steps of Garda station and then brought here. When we first moved in, some of the locals in their 70s would tell me that they lived in this house.’

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