Dublin Home – July 2018 – Issue 277


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Rob and Trina, having just moved back to Ireland from the United States, were looking for a big family home in the right location. Having found the perfect spot, Hesse Macken Studio helped transform their new house into a home.

We had been living in the States for many years, and were ready to return home to Ireland,’ explains Trina. ‘We are both from the area, and it just seemed like the obvious choice to come back to Dublin and look for a home that would suit our family perfectly.’

Trina and Rob took their time looking around the area, but the location of the home sold it for them, being so close to the village and local schools. It was big enough for their family and had a wonderful private garden. They also knew it would take a lot of work to get it the way they wanted. ‘We had been through the experience of building a holiday home in the past, but the plans were bought along with the land, so we did have a little bit of an idea of what goes into this kind of project. More so how not to go about things!’
she continues.

‘We actually lived in the home for four months before we started on the remodeling, and this was extremely helpful as it helped us get a feeling of every aspect of the home, and discover exactly what we did and didn’t want. We learned what already worked, like the bedrooms upstairs were all a fairly good size!’

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