Dublin Home – January 2019 – Issue 283


Cause for Celebration

Claudius visited Ireland when he was just nineteen years old, and liked it so much, he always wanted to come back. When he and his wife Petra decided to leave their native Austria in 2006 seeking a different lifestyle, Dublin turned out to be their ideal destination.

We also considered London and Barcelona, but London was too big and we both had better English than Spanish’, says Petra. ‘Dublin also had the sea, which I love.’ Working in IT and finance, neither had any problem finding work in Dublin, and initially they found a small unfurnished house to rent in Monkstown.

‘We started to look for a house to buy in 2008’, says Claudius. The couple quickly realised that there was better value at the northside of the city, and found a 1950s home in Raheny that ticked all the boxes. ‘Raheny is a very settled area with a good mix of ages, and it was close to the Dart, the lovely St Anne’s Park, the sea and the city’, says Petra.

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