Dishwashers, Sinks & Taps – April 2018 – Issue 274


Keep it Clean

A selection of the latest dishwashers, sinks and taps to keep your kitchen gleaming.


Expert comment Fiona Bowyer, Marketing Director, Franke.

‘The overarching trend in sinks and taps is to combine streamlined aesthetics with optimum functionality. This is spurred by the increasing focus of the sink as more of a workcentre for a multitude of tasks such as prepping, rinsing and washing. So, in sinks we are seeing slimmer frames, lower profiles, multifunctional bowls and accessories. This is also being reflected in tap design with more slender columns and levers, multiple functions such as boiling, filtered, hot and cold water combined in a single tap, dual-spray operation and flexible pull-out hoses which slot seamlessly into your design scheme.

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