Dining & Accessories – November 2017 – Issue 269


Fine to Dine

Dining together makes us better, healthier people so perhaps it’s time for us to bring back the dining room. Maybe the space that was previously used as a dining room has been converted into something different or it has lost any former appeal it once had. Here’s some inspiration for you to breathe new life into one of the most important rooms in your home.

With Christmas around the corner you may be thinking of hosting a dinner party or two and perhaps it’s time for a new dining table and chairs. What’s best for your home depends on some factors you may not have considered.

Round tables are arguably the most space efficient in terms of creating a comfortable exchange between diners. No one need sit at a corner when the table is crowded beyond its ideal capacity. To seat six to eight people, using a round table best allows folks to talk with and be heard by everyone at the table. Though any more people than that and the necessary circumference of a round table will prohibit not only conversation, but also its ability to fit in an average dining room.

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