Dilemma – June 2024 – Issue 346


Interior Dilemma

Interiors Association member Aoife Tobin of Style so Simple offers her expert advice.

Q: How can I include some colour whilst also retaining a fresh, relaxed feel?

The first thing I always ask my clients is how they want to feel in a space and so many of them want to feel calm. You hear a lot about neutral spaces making people feel calmer, but it’s actually true! A neutral interior can be really helpful in creating a calming mood. It’s because the elements within the space are not competing with each other. For me, it’s because my head is chaotic, especially when I finish work. I like my space to be the opposite of that. I’m not drawn to strong colour and most of the clients who come to me aren’t either, but a neutral palette doesn’t have to be monochromatic or dull. My starting point is always the surrounding landscape. We really do have the most beautiful scenery in the world – why wouldn’t we want to repeat that in the home? I’d always go outside the home and look at the greens and blues of the countryside, or the terracotta of a sunset, and think of a way of bringing that into the home. When you bring that feeling into the interior it helps you organically transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

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