Destination Ireland: St Patrick’s Day – March 2016 – Issue 249


St Patrick’s Day

Paying homage to the patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick’s Day on March 17th is celebrated the world over as a religious and cultural holiday. The day itself is renowned for being a day of fun for the whole family, filled with green, parades, activities and topped off with a pint of Guinness or two!

St. Patrick’s Festival, Dublin This colourful and lively festival takes place every year in Dublin. This year the theme will be brought to life by Ireland’s leading pageant companies, showing their fantastical creations and thrilling performances, inspired by the future. There will also be bands from USA, France and Ireland, and each will deliver uplifting scores and inspiring rhythms. The famous St. Patrick’s parade takes place in the City Centre, starting at Parnell Square.

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