Destination Abroad: Wroclaw – April 2016 – Issue 250



This vibrant and cultural European city is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist locations in Europe. Wroclaw is Poland’s fourth largest city and things to see and do are plentiful, from stunning architecture to museums and shopping, there is something for everyone.

Things to see and do
There is no better time to visit Wroclaw than in 2016 as it has been named this year’s European Capital of Culture. The city has three main districts that you do not want to miss when visiting. The first is the Old Town which is mazed with cobbled streets, canals, bridges and church spires. In the very centre of the Old Town is the amazingly restored Market Square. It was ruined originally in the Seige of 1945 and has been completely restored post WWII to mimic medieval times. Here you will also find a replica of the stone pillory that was used to flog people from 1492 into the 18th century. It also beholds a statue of the famous writer, Aleksander Fredo, which replaced the statue of Kaiser Wilhelm that was present until the end of the war.

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