Destination Abroad: Venice – February 2018 – Issue 272



With so much to see, it can be hard to know where to start when visiting Venice. Here are a few of the must see sites of this unique city.

Things to see and do

When you land at Marco Polo airport there is number of ways to reach the heart of the city but by far the most spectacular (and expensive) is by water taxi. Approaching the Piazzo San Marco by water will really set up your trip and showcase the city at its best. Once your bags are dropped off, it’s time to head out and explore. Venice is a city that is made for getting lost, as there is something to see around every corner and it is easy to get back on track due to both the size of the city and the many signs pointing out the main attractions.

It is also good to find a different perspective of the city where Danieli’s rooftop restaurant or the bar of the Gritti Palace provide stunning views across the city, perhaps best seen at sunset.

Of course another way to explore the city is by boat or gondola. Gondola’s are the most expensive option, but the most intimate and traditional, while the Vaporetti or water buses are cheaper and still allow you to see many of the most popular sights. While the city is packed full of stunning architecture at every turn, there are a few sights that simply cannot be missed, and there is no better place to start than San Marco Square.

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