Destination Abroad: Sicily – September 2015 – Issue 243



A vibrant, beautiful and colourful island located just off the toe of Italy’s boot, Sicily has been a crossroads of cultures for thousands of years. From the majestic heights of Mount Etna, to the fascinating ruins in the Valley of the Temples, Sicily is a treasure chest of magnificent and stimulating sites.

Things to See & Do:
For those in search of a destination steeped in culture, history and art, Agrigento is ideal. The city attracted poets like Simonides and Pynadar who described it as ‘the most beautiful of mortal cities.’ Valle dei Templi (The Valley of the Temples) is an outstanding example of Greater Greece art and architecture. Included in the UNESCO Heritage Site List since 1998, it boasts an extensive array of enchanting ruins such as the temples of Hera, Zeus and Asklepius.

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