Destination Abroad: Seville – April 2018 – Issue 274



Founded by the Romans, expanded by the Moorish rulers and made rich by the discovery of America, Seville is one of the most spectacular cities in Europe. Before the summer heat hits, spring is the perfect time to visit and bask in the unique history of the city.

Things to see and do

Alongside the Alhambra in Granada, the Alcazar in Seville stands as a towering example of Mudejar architecture. Built by Moorish kings around the 11th-12th century and expanded and renovated substantially over the centuries, the Alcazar is one of the finest royal palaces in all of Europe. There are many stunning examples of Baroque, Renaissance, and neoclassical architecture, but perhaps the crowning achievement of the whole Alcazar complex is the Palacio de Don Pedro, built in the 14th century by King Pedro and containing some of the most exquisite examples of Iberian Islamic art.

A day immersing yourself in the palace complex is time well spent. Game of Thrones fans may also recognise some parts of the palace complex. Located next to the Alcazar is the cathedral which lays claim to the remains of Christopher Columbus and is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. Legend has it that in 1401, the city’s rulers decided to build the church so large, ‘future generations will think we were mad.’ Built on the remains of the city’s main mosque, the original minaret was incorporated into the mighty bell tower which is open to visitors and is worth the leg burning ascent for the views across the city.

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