Destination Abroad: Las Vegas – March 2019 – Issue 285


Las Vegas

This city in the desert never sleeps, and spring is the perfect time to visit. There is truly something for everyone in Las Vegas, even for those that don’t gamble!

Things to see and do

Probably one of the most famous cities in the world, known for its bright lights and crowned ‘the city of sin’, but Las Vegas can be whatever you make it. It has so much to offer outside of the casinos, whether you want to shop, relax by the pool, explore, go on a rollercoaster, go on an out of city excursion or take a helicopter ride, there really is something for everyone. With the summer months set to scorch, spring offers the perfect climate to explore with it being like a warm summer’s day back in Ireland most days.

The strip is what most people know and love about Las Vegas. It runs just over four miles long, lined with the most amazing hotel resorts that, in themselves, are tourist attractions. Each hotel on the strip has something different to offer, with themed resorts to those that beam utter luxury, but they are so much more than just accommodation. It is in the hotels that you will find all the wonderful things to see and do, as well as the many different eateries and bars. They even house entire shopping malls – one thing is for sure, Vegas isn’t subtle! One thing to bare in mind is that everything always looks much closer than it is, so be sure to pack your walking shoes! A day of exploring the strip, going in and out of the different hotels can mean walking miles, but it is always worth it.

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