Destination Abroad: Fiji – June 2017 – Issue 264



Fiji is the heart of the South Pacific, made up of groups of islands and renowned for the happy, laid back way of life there. For a holiday in paradise, look no further!

Things to See and Do

Fiji is famed for its rugged landscapes, palm-lined beaches and clear lagoons with coral reefs. Its exceptional beauty is one of its main attractions, with the islands hosting everything from tumbling jungle waterfalls to white-sand beaches. The largest island of Fiji is Vitu Levu, and is home to the capital, Suva and it attracts most of the tourists. If you have come for the natural beauty, then you must visit Colo-i-Suva Forest Park, which is a two and a half square kilometre oasis of lush rainforest, packed with tropical plants and wild life. You can take some of the walking trails and witness the natural pools and gorgeous vistas. The climate is cool and peaceful, and is a great place to escape to out of the urban Suva centre.

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