Destination Abroad: Dominican Republic – August 2017 – Issue 266


Dominican Republic

Discover the most diverse island within the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic. On the coast you have the full spectrum of stunning beaches, while inland discover the lagoons, mangroves and waterfalls. This tropical island getaway is a must for a once in a lifetime experience.

Things to see and do

The Dominic Republic is one of the larger Caribbean islands, with something for everyone. Starting off in ‘La Capital’, as it’s known to the locals, Santo Domingo – the Havana of the Dominican Republic. This city is a collage of cultures and neighbourhoods. You will witness the sounds of domino pieces being slapped on tables, backfiring mufflers, merengue and bachata blasting from corner stores and horns from the chaotic traffic. Here you will find one of the oldest churches of the modern world, in the heart of the city known as Zone Colonial. As you travel the cobbled streets and take in the 16th century architecture, it can be easy to forget that you are in the Caribbean but a visit to this cultural hub should not be missed.

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