County Offaly Home – August 2023 – Issue 336


Forever Home

Rebecca and Eamonn have completely reinvented their 1950s bungalow transforming it into a family friendly home with all the comforts of modern day living.

After years of renting, Rebecca Wu, a GP, and her husband Eamonn, a hospital consultant, decided it was time to search for a house that they could make their own. ‘Our occupations both required many years of training, which involved moving cities every six months to a year. We had moved five times since our wedding in 2013 and numerous times prior, so we were both at a stage where we could picture ourselves settling in a place long term.’ explains Rebecca. The couple really wanted a home with a functional kitchen and plenty of space for their two children, aged six and eight, to run around in. They also wanted a garden that wasn’t on top of their neighbours, a place they could call their own. Having viewed many houses they landed on this 1950s bungalow in Co. Offaly. It was stuck in a bit of a time warp with blue and red sun bleached carpet everywhere, it was dark and cold with three stoves that supplied the main source of heating. ‘There was a good vibe when entering the house, it had high ceilings and lots of potential regarding the site and the garden, it was also close to good schools and amenities with the added bonus of being in walking distance to both our places of work,’ says Rebecca, who being born in Canada and having lived in Dublin for years wanted a location that was near enough to an airport and in close proximity to city and ocean.

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