County Clare Home – August 2017 – Issue 266


Modern Love

Architect Elaine had no interest in tackling a self-build. She had put down her booking deposit on a house in a new development in Ennis, and was happy with that. But then her boyfriend at the time (now husband) Ken’s Dad had to pay his car insurance, and that changed everything.

The insurance agent doubled as an estate agent, and Ken’s father’s attention was snagged by a site for sale that he spotted in the agent’s office. He forwarded the details to Ken and on route home from work that day, Elaine got a request to go and check out the site. ‘It was out of the blue,’ says Elaine. ‘Ken and I had been going out for four years, but we hadn’t discussed buying together. The house in Ennis was my own buy, and building a home wasn’t even close to being on my radar.’

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