Cork Home – April 2022 – Issue 320


Style In The City

When Sinead Murphy returned home from New York she brought some of its style with her when renovating and redecorating her new home in Cork City.

Sinead spent her twenties working in e-commerce and digital marketing in the fashion industry in New York. However, when it came to putting down roots, it was Cork, her home city that held the greatest appeal. As Sinead explains, ‘When you’re young, you think your hometown is the smallest place ever, I left Cork thinking I could never live here. New York City is an amazing place – when you’re carefree and having fun, you never see the tough side. However, when it comes to buying a house in New York, you look to the suburbs. When you look around these areas, they look just like the places back home, but without your family. After seven years I felt homesick, and I was craving the warmth of a city like Cork. I realised New York was no longer where I wanted to be.’

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