Co Down Home – February 2024 – Issue 342


Coastal Charm

Amid the backdrop of lockdowns, homeowner Niamh and her husband Stephen embarked on a search for a property that would resonate with their desire for a serene coastal lifestyle.

The house they agreed on, in Cultra, Co.Down, built in 1976 and previously rented, had an unspoken promise of potential Niamh said. Situated just minutes away from the sea and embracing the picturesque charm of Cultra, the house also backs onto the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum sharing mature trees which are among the couple’s favourite views. Niamh candidly admits, ‘We didn’t have a fixed theme initially, but we knew our vision and what the space could become.’ Rejecting the notion of starting from scratch, she and her partner embarked on a transformative renovation journey that would breathe new life into the existing structure. The result? A contemporary home that’s modern but warm and has abundant natural light.

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