Carlow Home – December 2021 – Issue 316


Fabulously Festive

Utilising her creative skills, art teacher Gillian ensures her home is dressed with magical touches and festive sparkle for the Christmas celebrations.

Christmas in this four bedroom, new build contemporary home of Gillian and Seamus is always special. Loads of candles, baubles, twinkling fairylights and a hallway full of foliage ensure from the onset that it’s warm and inviting. Having saved for years, the couple started building the house in 2016 on land near Seamus’ parents’ house just outside Carlow. ‘We had been house hunting for a farmhouse in Kilkenny or more locally but despite searching for a long time we couldn’t find what we wanted, so a new build proved to be the best bet. It took us around 15 months to complete. Having lived in a house with a long dark corridor I was determined to have plenty of natural light incorporated into the overall design. We worked with PDS Carlow on the design, which essentially consists of two wings joined by a spacious bright central entrance hall,’ explains Gillian.

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