Broken-Plan – May 2021 – Issue 309



If recent events have taught us anything, it’s that we all need personal space in which to work and relax. Open-plan living has many advantages, but it doesn’t allow for that element of privacy. Enter the broken-plan layout, which retains the spaciousness of open-plan, but introduces an element of separation.

Open-plan means one multifunctional space, but with designated areas for purpose – kitchen, dining and living. It’s open and connected, made for socialising and entertaining but also suits families so that parents can always have an eye on children and families aren’t separated in the evenings. Broken-plan is the latest trend, accelerated by life at home in the past year. However, it is more of a compromise between the contemporary open-plan design and the traditional separate rooms for each use. It affords people privacy, creates cosy corners and distinctive zones in a home. In terms of design and finishes, it gives a little extra edge as different floor finishes, partitions or split levels can be introduced.

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