Brand Profile – September 2023 – Issue 337


On the Edge

The idea behind Aaron Kearney’s Edge Ceramics range was a simple one – to make meal times easier, with the straight edge on his plates acting like a knife. Consumer-demand has seen the range evolve naturally with these function-led design pieces now available in a range of sizes and the collection continues to grow.

A simple idea he first had at college then ended up taking designer Aaron Kearney in a whole new career direction a few years later. After graduating from St Martin’s College in London with a degree in product design Aaron, from Holywood Co. Down, initially went into furniture design and sculpture – first in London and then in South Africa. While in South Africa he began exploring the medium of ceramics and challenging the notion that plates should be round. His vision was for a plate with a straight edge, thus eradicating
the need for a knife.

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