Belfast Home – December 2018 – Issue 282


Memories for Christmas

Mike and Audrey from Belfast put a huge amount of time, effort and flair into decorating their home for Christmas. The combination of being avid lovers of the festive season and being keen travellers has led to an impressive collection of Christmas decorations built up over many years with every item holding a special memory for them.

At Christmas time people often comment about our large spruce tree in the garden,’ laughs Mike. ‘I wouldn’t like to be paying your electric bill!’ they would say. We were told it would grow to about 12 feet. Six thousand tree lights later, it’s now 35 feet tall!’

When it comes to decorating their home, Audrey loves to share her ideas and inspiration on how to create a stunning and magical home for Christmas. ‘Keep your eyes open for decorations throughout the year and when it comes to starting your Christmas decorating, mix and match various shapes and sizes to add interest and consider sticking to a theme for each Christmas tree,’ she says. ‘The decorations don’t have to be expensive.

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