Bedrooms – April 2024 – Issue 344


Bed Times

It’s one of the most important rooms in the home but one that is often overlooked – and given that we spend some 3000 hours a year in bed it really shouldn’t be. With just a little forward planning and a few easy to implement changes you can make this space your sanctuary and create the bedroom of your dreams.

A good night’s sleep starts with a good bed. Room size permitting, bigger tends to be better and you can look for one with storage to help you make the most of the space. Ottoman beds are great for storing lesser used items such as spare sheets and out-of season clothes, while drawer storage is ideal for more regularly used items. Whether you choose a natural or synthetic-filled duvet and pillows opt for a tog and size that suits your sleeping temperature – the right pillow can all make all the difference, not only to your sleep but to your spine. Similarly, a comfortable mattress is an investment well worth making and is definitely an example of where it’s probably best to try before you buy.

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