Bathrooms – October 2017 – Issue 268


Soak In!

The bathroom is the second most renovated room of the home, according to statistics. With that in mind, we bring you some of the latest baths and showers to consider, with some tips and advice.



Declan Mahon, Sales Director, Earthridge International:

There is a shower to suit every style and size of bathroom, from contemporary wet-room style walk-ins to more stylish and decorative options.

You should first decide on the type of shower you want, whether that’s an instant electric shower or a more luxurious showering experience such as a power shower. Maybe a mixer type shower with two and three way options for body jets, fixed head or flexible handsets might be your preference.

As long as your plumbing allows it, you can position a shower almost anywhere in the bathroom. Choose a shower enclosure that maximises space, for example, an enclosure that can fit between two walls is an excellent solution for small bathrooms.

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