Bathrooms – March 2020 – Issue 297


How to Plan & Decorate Your Bathroom

Designing and installing your perfect bathroom is a daunting prospect. However, we’ve caught up with the experts to get their top tips to making this process as informed as possible.

We spoke to the team at award-winning Soaks Bathooms in Belfast to get their advice on getting the perfect layout and design. If you’re designing from scratch, including layout and installation, make sure there is practical and comfortable flow within the room. For example, when the bathroom door is open, make sure that the first thing you see is not the toilet! If you are lucky enough to have a nice view from the bathroom window, then if possible, position your bath so that you can enjoy it while relaxing. These are all things to consider when thinking about the floor plan, and don’t even think about colours or styles until you know where, what and how things will be! When designing the layout, always keep in mind the importance of storage. From exposed shelving to concealed storage, there’s lots of ways you can keep your bathroom from looking clutter free with all of your bathing essentials and toiletries (apart from the ones you wish to display) hidden away from view.

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