Ballymena Home – October 2016 – Issue 256


Ballymena Home

Beautifully Unique

Colin and Ruth were looking for a plot of land to build their Ballymena home when they stumbled upon this perfect location with plans already in place. The plans being very unique, and not what Ruth had imagined for their new build, Colin had to do some persuading and they are both delighted that Ruth came around to the idea of this barn-like structure as what they have achieved is truly breathtaking.

‘When we decided we were going to build our own home, we initially thought of your average house-build. We wanted to get the perfect location, so we were on the look out for a plot of land when Colin found this space with plans already drawn up; he fell in love immediately but it just wasn’t what I had imagined for our family home,’ says Ruth. ‘After some convincing, I agreed and we haven’t looked back since!’

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    • Hi Anne,

      We spoke to Colin and Ruth and they confirmed it’s a standing seam zink roof.

      It is beautiful isn’t it!