Ardmore Home – January 2017 – Issue 259


Down by the Sea

Selling their salmon farming business, John and Paula had to make a decision about where to live for the foreseeable future and a fisherman’s cottage in Ardmore in Co. Waterford ticked all the boxes.

The picturesque fishing village of Ardmore in Co. Waterford was a place in which John and Paula already had links, and someone alerted them to a house which had just come onto the market. ‘We could have lived anywhere, but Ardmore was by the sea, and that was a huge attraction for me,’ says Paula, who originally trained as a Marine Biologist at St Andrews University in Scotland and is now working as a guidance counsellor. ‘There are five completely different shorelines in Ardmore, from rocky inlets to sandy beaches.’ And indeed, as husband John, a waterways management consultant, points out, the diversity of the marine topography around Ardmore is reflected in the place names; Goat Island, Shell Beach, Pebble Beach, Whiting Bay.

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