Architectural Joinery – October 2017 – Issue 268


Think Bespoke!

Sometimes in our homes there are things that we can’t just walk into a shop and buy, and for these things we can look for a bespoke joinery service. Whether it is a complete fit out, storage for a specific space, window frames or stair baluster, it’s easier to get than you think.



If you have a bespoke project in mind for your home, the best thing to do is get in touch with a local professional who will answer any questions and will also be able to tell you what to expect or how big the job is, and of course give you a quote. You can shop around to get the right fit for your home and budget too; don’t think that you have to go with the first one you have a consultation with. A professional joiner will source quality wood and finish the job to precision and quality, so do your research for reputable companies.

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