2022 Interior Trends


Acording to Pinterest the following eight 2022 interior trends are what will be inspiring our home interiors this year.

Trend 1: Curve Appeal

Pinterest Trends 2022 Curve Appeal

Image by images.squarespace-cdn.com

Where straight lines once dominated, the curvature trend has taken hold of the interior decorating world. From curved sofas, curved bar designs and curved kitchen islands, it seems we are all in search of well-rounded home design.

Trend 2: Hellenistic Revival

Pinterest Trends 2022 Hellenistic Revival

Mindthegap wallpaper the gentlemen’s corner Greek pottery. £195/€234. mindtheg.com

The aesthetic codes of antiquity are experiencing a real renaissance and this year the inspiration comes from ancient Greece: Corinthian-style furnishings and wallpaper with the Olympians are just some of the ideas that are proving popular.

Trend 3: New Luxury

Pinterest Trends 2022 New Luxury

Luxury modern house in Dubai from Caffe Latte. caffelattehome.com

As we hopefully move further away from pandemic life, Pinterest predicts we’ll be seeking out luxury interiors.

Trend 4: Check It Out

Pinterest Trends 2022 Check It Out

Society of Wanderers Zest/Candy double sided quilt from Antipodream. £249/€298. antipodream.co.uk

Lovers of graphic prints will be pleased to hear that showstopping checkerboard prints are due to be big news in the world of home interiors in 2022. From the classic black and white checkerboard flooring to small decorative accents it’s time to get in check!

Trend 5: Gothic Décor

Pinterest Trends 2022 Gothic Décor

Image by spextrum.net

An old and recurring trend over the decades. Nonconformist and of course dark, the gothic trend encompasses different industries – from fashion to interior design, with Pinterest seeing lots of researches related to kitchen furniture.

Trend 6: Biophilic Design

Pinterest Trends 2022 Biophilic Design

Design by Anna Bay. purelocations.com.au

Meaning design with a connection to nature, the biophilic design will continue to be big this year if the massive increase in searches on Pinterest is anything to go by. Biophilia literally means ‘an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world’.

Trend 7: Pearlcore

Pinterest Trends 2022 Pearlcore

Image by Tile Club. tileclub.com

Think pearl floor tiles or sateen-finished, pearl-toned wall paint. Or for a more accessible everyday touch, mother-of-pearl photo frames, pearl-embellished serving trays and beaded décor pillows.

Trend 8: Barkitecture

Pinterest Trends 2022 Barkitecture

Photo sourced from Victoria Pearson victoria-pearson.com

Pampering your pets has just reached a whole new level with pet architecture! It seems this year that we will be redesigning our living spaces to best accommodate our pet’s needs too!


Feature image credit: Jonathan Adler Caracas chandelier from Sweetpea & Willow. £2,250/€2,693. sweetpeaandwillow.com

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