Our passion for floors started a long time ago and is influenced by our heritage of almost 100 years through our founders, the Mulvey family of Dundrum, Co Dublin. A carefully selected floor, be it in a modern house, new extension or indeed a house that is 100 years old, is something to behold. This is what Canadia is all about – creating timeless elegance.

Wood is truly the material of choice for creating plush spaces with a warm natural feel. Our collection includes many different types of wood construction, including solid wood, engineered and laminate with herringbone, chevron and other decorative patterns. We believe floors are a focal point in the home and want to share with you how our clients have used wood to enhance their interiors and how we have helped them to perfectly match the style, requirements and budget of their project.

We have a vast and beautiful collection of wood, complemented by an exclusive range of matching accessories. Our floors come from around the globe. From hardwood mills in Canada to pioneering production facilities in the Alps. The Canadia engineered collection is selected from the finest hardwoods, machined with precision, ensuring world-class design, sustainability, style, innovation and quality are core to every Canadia floor.

Our expertise is what truly sets us apart. We invest significantly in training to ensure that our specialised team has an extensive product knowledge for every client requirement, specification and scale. We have been around a long time and we stand by every floor – ensuring its beauty for years to come.

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